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Benedict F. Haberle


In 1848, Benedict F. Haberle came to Syracuse New York from Germany with a vision. His intent was to bring to America a German style beer that was pure and wholesome. In 1857 he formed the B. Haberle Brewing Company. He was amongst the first entrepreneurs to really pioneer this industry in Syracuse, NY. 

Benedict’s son, Frank B. Haberle, returned to Germany to study the art of brewing the unique German lager. He returned to Syracuse to work alongside his father to further the development of the Haberle brand. The release of Congress Beer solidified the Haberle name as the most recognizable beer in the city for decades to come.

The art of brewing continued to be a part of our family even after the closing of the brewery on Butternut and McBride in 1962. Over the years, we have practiced our craft in the form of home brewing with the hopes of one day returning to our roots.

Today, Haberle Congress Brewing Company returns with a new vision. We are releasing an authentic Congress Beer that is representative of a century of family heritage. It honors the men who came before me and holds a standard that cannot be replicated by merely following today’s trends and applying them to the past. Our beer is built on hope. Not only the hope that our family and friends and friends of friends in Syracuse will appreciate that Congress Beer is being produced by the Haberle family, but the hope that our beer would make my father and the Haberle men before him, proud.

Benedict F. Haberle III

--B.F. Haberle IV--


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