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[Syracuse, NY 8/13/18--] Benedict Frank Haberle IV and the Haberle family are happy to announce the reintroduction and homecoming of authentic Haberle Congress Beer to the city of Syracuse and surrounding areas. A release date has yet to be determined, however, any “Congress Beer” that you may have been hearing about up to this point is not associated with or authorized by the Haberle family and therefore cannot be deemed authentic or representative of the standards upheld by the Haberle family and the Congress name.

The Haberle family has always held its Syracuse roots and heritage dear to their hearts, and consider it an honor that our name has continued to be recognized and remembered throughout the decades since the closure of the brewery on Butternut Street in 1962. We are sincerely grateful for the city's support in keeping our name relevant in the community and its history and especially for the Onondaga Historical Association who has been a long time advocate for the remembrance and celebration of breweries in Syracuse.

Haberle Congress Beer's foundation was built on generations of family, love, loss and hard work and should remain in the hands of the family who built it. This is our legacy and continues to be even though the original brewery is long gone.

In the coming days and weeks, Haberle Congress Brewing Company will be launching a website, newsletter, social network, and online store for the Syracuse public. The beer itself has been under development for quite some time and we are working toward a release date in the coming months. You can be assured that it will be well worth the wait for a product produced by the family who brewed
Haberle Congress Beer for over 100 years!

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